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Photo Gallery

Our Saturna Island Gallery

Eroded sandstone formations (Harris photo) Driftwood at East Point (Harris photo) Arbutus tree above the shore (Harris photo)
Playful Orca in Georgia Straight off Saturna Island (Harris photo) Orca sighting off Saturna with Discovery Seatours (Harris photo) Bald Eagle on Brown Ridge, Saturna (Harris photo)
Boundary Pass from Mount Warburton Pike (Harris photo) Feral goats on Brown Ridge (Harris photo) Feral goats on Brown Ridge (Harris photo)
Saturna's Canada Day Lamb Barbecue (Ewing photo) Canada Day visiting boaters at Winter Cove (Ewing photo) Saturna satellite, Cabbage Island sunset (Ewing photo)
Filigree shoreline erosion at East Point. (Harris photo) Siglinde at low tide, Cliffside near East Point. (Harris photo) Seastars at low tide, East Point (Harris photo)
Lodge garden poppy (Ewing photo) Lodge garden daffodils (Harris photo) Springtime in the Lodge garden (Harris photo)
Jellyfish at Saturna Point (Ewing photo) Looking down Boot Cove from the Tokay room (Harris photo) Old fog alarm building at East Point (Harris photo)